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Day: November 9, 2012

宝贝 the Chinese Flasher

宝贝 the Chinese Flasher

We have plenty of flashcards – Chinese, English and even the maths dotted ones. We used to flash them at 宝贝 when she was just a few months old.

Now that she’s quite old we have stopped the flashing. (quite a while back actually, more due to the lack of time.) Instead, we try to devise games that make use of them. Why waste them since we have them anyway??

She recognizes quite an impressive number of words for her age, more Chinese characters than English words. All through the sheer diligence of my Mom who has been spending 1 hour of “classroom” time with her every day. I have been slacker in that aspect with her English vocabulary.

She likes playing these word games. This is one of the simpler ones. I jumbled up the Chinese characters and made her arrange them in ascending order.


宝贝 hard at work. Hehe


Progressing well…


Sitting back, admiring her own work, feeling very pleased with herself.

I made her arrange them in descending order. From 10 to 1. Then we did some simple maths sums. Like what’s 3+3? Sums that add up to 10. I asked in English and she picked the relevant Chinese characters up.

That’s how we spent a leisurely afternoon.