You Mean, You are Still Driving in Your Condition?!

You Mean, You are Still Driving in Your Condition?!

Yes… I get eyebrows raised and incredulous facical expressions when they asked, “You mean, you are still driving in your condition?!”
“Huh?! Pregnant cannot drive meh?”

“You should take a cab!”

“Why? Cab drivers drive more recklessly than I do and I get motion sickness from their tapdancing on brakes.”

“Won’t your bump hit the steering wheel?”

“No…” (I have only put on like 6kg, even during the peak of my 1st pregnancy, the bump was still far far away from the steering wheel)

“Can you still reach the brakes?”

“Erm.. Yes…” (Strange, do legs shorten during pregnancy?? I hope not, I’m already very vertically challenged. I would hate that to happen to me.)

“Can you reach the steering wheel?”

“No problem with that.” (Oh my goodness, now they are telling me that all my 4 limbs are growing shorter?!)

“You still shouldn’t drive!”

Huh…?! What’s the logic?! And put myself in the mercy of the cab drivers? I have tried taking the MRT.  Usually people would give up their seats to me, provided that I wasn’t jam packed at the entrance… I couldn’t even reach the seats for someone to give up his seat when I was squashed like a sardine at the door.


So being an internet person, I googled.. Driving, pregnant.  There is no scientific proof that pregnant women shouldn’t be driving.  Well, unless, you  have grown to such a distorted size that the diameter of your bump exceeds the length of your arms and legs.  Then of course, you can’t drive, because you can’t reach the wheel and the pedals! But that doesn’t usually happen.  For people who need to commute long hours like more than 1 hour to reach their destinations, they are advised to stretch their legs every hour to prevent blood clotting.  This doesn’t apply just to pregnant ladies, in fact, it’s applicable to everyone.  In Singapore, you hardly need to drive more than one hour, even taking into consideration the traffic jams.


So the good news is… Pregnant women can drive.  I have even googled the right way to wear the seat belt… which is the normal way… Just make sure that the bottom strap lies below the bump so that it stabilises your body during an accident, without exerting pressure on the baby.


So there! I CAN DRIVE!!! Stop raising your eyebrows at me! Bah!

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  1. Of course you can! I drove everyday during both of my pregnancies till the very days I was admitted to the hospital! And i have heard of a mum drove herself to the hospital when mild contraction just started and then she delivered few hours later 🙂

  2. You have such wealth of experience over the years, driving ppl nuts! So you, of all ppl, will know if you are capable of driving, under any circumstances.

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