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Month: July 2012

2 Days with My Whatsapp in a Coma

2 Days with My Whatsapp in a Coma

Yes yes yes!!!! My whatsapp just revived officially this morning at 1am gmt +8. You can’t imagine the huge relief I felt! Ever since I was “itchy fingers” and updated it to version 2.8.1 it crashed and went into coma!!!

Why was I so “itchy finger”?! Well, the last whatsapp update kept crashing every day or other and the history of the previous day’s chat would be wiped out too. And groups I’d deleted kept reappearing like phantoms! What worse could happen with the next patch?! Little did I know that it’s even worse!!! They used so much Baygon in the next patch to kill the bugs that it overdosed itself with insecticide and killed itself instead!!! T.T

Within hours, the 4.5 stars rating of whatsapp fell to 1.5 stars. And a few hundreds started “kaopei-ing on the review page of the app and across all forum portals about it. Darn! I shall check the reviews before I go tapping on the update button again!!!

Some T.T posted that after they deleted the app and reinstalled it, everything was wiped out!!! Noooo that’s not what I want!!!!

Some helpful souls posted some resurrection methods. I tried them in a desperate bid to revive my whatsapp in comatose. Because while it was knocked out, notifications of new messages kept appearing!!! Work messages most of them! Yes whatsapp is so entrenched in my life that we use it for work purpose as well!!!

First method to appear on the Internet – elaborate CPR
1. Double click on home button.
2. Click on whatsapp. Let it run and crash.
3. Repeat the entire process for 10-20 times and you will recover your chats.

Some lucky ‘uns managed to revive their whatsapp with that. I did it like 200 times and nothing happened!!! Ok I’d probably exaggerated a little but I did it so many times that I lost count. My whatsapp has a weak heart. Sigh. And I think my home button almost “ki chia” from that intensive exercise. But have no fear! My phone is still under warranty!!

My hub gave me “the look”. Don’t be an idiot!! How can you repeat the same process and expect the bug to go away?! Views from an IT expert. What the heck?! It’s already dead!!!! Doing something is better than doing nothing right?!??

But Evelyn did it and her phone revived. She won’t *sabo me right?!

Method 2 – simplified CPR
1. Double click on the home button and kill the whatsapp app once.
2. click on whatsapp and let it run. Just keep clicking on whatsapp for another 10-20 times.

I tried this for 500 times because it’s easier to execute. Ok. It still remained lifeless.

3rd method (latest to appear on the Internet last night) – full body massage
1. double click on home button to kill the whatsapp app from the minimized bar.
2. Click on whatsapp. Do not let it crash. Immediately press home button to kill it. Repeat this many times.
3. Click on whatsapp. Massage the empty chat boxes with your finger. (you can even use all your fingers if you like.)
4. The chat messages will miraculously reappear!!!

I was like erm… How does this help?! What the heck! What’s worse than a dead whatsapp?! So I did it anyway. The first time I repeated step 2 for 10 times. It didn’t work. What’s new… =.=”

The 2nd time I repeated step 2 for 15 times. And while I was furiously massaging my screen the messages really appeared!!!!! The person who thought of this must be a genius!!!!! I can just give him a big fat kiss!!! Whoever you are, thank YOOOOUUU!!!

The hub gave me the “huh?! Like that also can?!” look.

Ok. That means that my phone is more receptive to massaging than poking. Keke

Anyway, for all the still-frustrated souls out there. I hope this helps. Happy poking or massaging!!!

*kaopei-ing = kicking up a fuss
*ki chia = turn over and die
*sabo = pull a fast one / lie