Dental Visit for you??

Dental Visit for you??

Woah! After I posted about 宝贝’s 1st dental visit.  I have received numerous PMs asking for the dentist’s contact.  Instead of typing it many times, I shall just post it here.

Tan Tet Fock, Tan Dental Surgery

703 Bedok Reservoir Road #01-3500 Singapore 470703

Tel : 64487862

Don’t expect to see a posh clinic like one at Camden Medical, it’s just a little neighborhood clinic.  Anyway, my whole family visits him.  He’s nice and chatty.

Just another little dental story from dental phobic me since we are now on the topic.

I had to go for an extraction (yet another one! sigh!).  My one and only permanent tooth extraction, the previous ones were baby teeth!! And it’s a pre-molar, which probably wouldn’t have hurt as much as a molar extraction but definitely VERY PAINFUL!! Especially for dental phobic me…

So onto the dental chair again, I was really really nervous as it’s not a cleaning but an extraction.  (There was once I pulled the button off the dental equipment because I was so nervous, at the clinic where I ran away from, not this one.  I think the dentist must have hated me for causing him so much distress..) So Dr. Tan, as usual, talked to me about anything and everything under the sun.  Told me that he’s going to inject the anesthesia and I would feel a little pain. Ok… mentally prepared, but still very scared lor!! I felt a prick and that was it. Ah.. not too bad… He continued chatting, gosh! This man sure can talk!!! I wasn’t able to answer because he was working on my teeth!! Yes.. he was carrying on a one-sided conversation, i was only going Mmm.. whenever I felt like agreeing with him. :p Then, the next thing I knew, he said, “Ok Done! Now rinse your mouth.”

Huh!? My tooth was sitting on his tray… QED

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