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Month: April 2012

Angry Birds have Invaded My House! Help!!

Angry Birds have Invaded My House! Help!!

A picture speaks a thousand words, not to mention TWO pictures…

For someone who doesn’t watch the television, she sure knows all the famous characters like Angry Birds, Mickey Mouse and friends, Winnie the Pooh, Pororo, Doraemon etc

I came home to find all her angry birds stickers all over her chest of drawers… One consolation – at least they were not on the wall.  Where did she get the stickers from?? Mystery solved – the doctor gave them to her when she visited him for a visit yesterday for a running nose, because she greeted him “Doctor, 早安!”

If only everyone one I say good morning to, will buy stuff from me, I’d be blogging all day and not once a day!  Maybe I should bring her along when I meet the clients.. Hmm.. idea…

She’s been coming home with freebies and all, it’s time to teach her not to accept gifts from strangers… She came home with a cow coin bank, given to her by the NTUC cashier because she greeted her and smiled at her… Many angry bird stickers and erasers from the dentist and doctor she visited. I brought her to Marina Barrage to exercise her legs, she came back with balloons and sweets from the picnickers… and some other little incidents

I should bring her to condo launches, maybe she will come back with a free house?! *V*

Strider – Cool Invention!

Strider – Cool Invention!

“Hey! I’m getting the Strider, it’s a new balance bike!”
“Strider??? What the heck is that?? She’s only 2 years old leh… can ride bike meh??”

That was when I first heard about the Strider. Ok.. 1st thing 1st.. Google it… Hmm… Looks interesting.

Parents usually put their children on the training wheels before progressing to the normal bicycle. However, the training wheels actually impede the learning process. Because, being able to ride the bicycle is all about balancing and children only learn how to pedal (which is not too difficult to pick up) and not how to balance. So in comes the Strider – the balance bicycle.

Notice anything special about it? Haha. I get asked this question all the time whenever I bring her out. Where are the pedals!? Yes. No pedals. It makes use of pure kinetic energy (pushing the bike with feet, hehe). The seat is adjusted to the height at which 宝贝 can comfortably put both feet down to balance herself if she thinks she’s falling over. And the center of gravity is low enough to make sure that she doesn’t hurt herself. And of course the stylo-milo helmet helps. Doesn’t she look professional. *grin*

Well that’s her present for her 2nd Birthday in September 2011. We seldom buy toys for her. All her toys are hand-me-downs and she’s perfectly happy playing with them. So this is her first real big toy and quite an extravagant one. But I figured, if she can balance, she will be able to cycle, ski, skate and do all forms of balancing sports. *wu Hua ah!! (I’m secretly planning for a ski trip and leave papa behind! ho ho ho!)

She started off in September 2011 like this ….

Hehe… crawling like a snail.. But I like to think that she’s building up her muscles…

The shop (The Little Bike Shop) that brought in the Strider even created a Strider community where we frequent the various parks in Singapore. Children put in more effort when they see others doing better than them in the same thing. You will still see the huge bunch of us at these places – East Coast Park, Pasir Ris Park, Botanical Gardens etc. It gave her lots of practice!!

One of the photos taken at East Coast Park, during one of the outings. Notice the little boy behind on the Orange Strider?

3 months down the road… She has improved tremendously. She can now glide a short distance!

6 months from the day she received the strider…

She can now balance very very well on the strider and that’s down a gentle slope!

She’s now at total ease on her strider.  Stride, glide and even maneuver a turn! Almost ready for a full fledge bicycle.. Except that I don’t think I’m ready to chase her when she’s on a real bicycle.  I will need to train up more to run after her! Pant.. pant…  Ah.. I can see us doing all kinds of balance sports together… skiing, rollerblading etc…

So it’s possible to ride a bicycle by the age of 2 and a half! Way to go, 宝贝! Skiing next!! I just have to figure out where and when…. :p

*Wu Hua ah! = worth it!

宝贝has money!

宝贝has money!

宝贝:I’ve a hat. Mama has a hat but Papa has no hat.
Me : ohhh poor Papa!
宝贝:宝贝 will buy a hat for papa!
(Papa visibly melting with gratitude)
Me : Do you have money?
Me : where??? (expecting her to say that it’s in her piggy bank at home)
宝贝:(giving me her innocent look) in Papa’s pocket. My money is there!!

Looks like she’s turning out to be quite a good money manager. (everyone’s money belongs to her!) I don’t have to worry about her future. Phew!!

Dental Visit for you??

Dental Visit for you??

Woah! After I posted about 宝贝’s 1st dental visit.  I have received numerous PMs asking for the dentist’s contact.  Instead of typing it many times, I shall just post it here.

Tan Tet Fock, Tan Dental Surgery

703 Bedok Reservoir Road #01-3500 Singapore 470703

Tel : 64487862

Don’t expect to see a posh clinic like one at Camden Medical, it’s just a little neighborhood clinic.  Anyway, my whole family visits him.  He’s nice and chatty.

Just another little dental story from dental phobic me since we are now on the topic.

I had to go for an extraction (yet another one! sigh!).  My one and only permanent tooth extraction, the previous ones were baby teeth!! And it’s a pre-molar, which probably wouldn’t have hurt as much as a molar extraction but definitely VERY PAINFUL!! Especially for dental phobic me…

So onto the dental chair again, I was really really nervous as it’s not a cleaning but an extraction.  (There was once I pulled the button off the dental equipment because I was so nervous, at the clinic where I ran away from, not this one.  I think the dentist must have hated me for causing him so much distress..) So Dr. Tan, as usual, talked to me about anything and everything under the sun.  Told me that he’s going to inject the anesthesia and I would feel a little pain. Ok… mentally prepared, but still very scared lor!! I felt a prick and that was it. Ah.. not too bad… He continued chatting, gosh! This man sure can talk!!! I wasn’t able to answer because he was working on my teeth!! Yes.. he was carrying on a one-sided conversation, i was only going Mmm.. whenever I felt like agreeing with him. :p Then, the next thing I knew, he said, “Ok Done! Now rinse your mouth.”

Huh!? My tooth was sitting on his tray… QED

宝贝’s 1st Dental Visit

宝贝’s 1st Dental Visit

She brushes her teeth 3x a day.  I had wanted to bring her on her first dental visit on her 2nd birthday after hearing all the horror stories from my friends about their toddlers having tooth decays before the age of 3.  Ya.. *Kiasu Mom over here. But the images of my niece’s 2 pearly white front teeth reduced to 2 black thin stumps remain vivid in my mind.  But everyone was advising me against it as she may develop dental phobia if she’s put on the operating, I mean, dental chair too early.

I’m a victim of dental phobia.  Even now, I still get gripped by occasional bouts of fear when I’m on the dental chair.  The incident that caused it is “life-changing”.  I remember being taken to a polyclinic, because my molars were killing me (literally!!) Thank goodness they were my first teeth.  I was put on the dental chair and a dentist (later I found out that he’s an understudy) came up to me with this fat needle and syringe! (It was the fattest needle I had ever seen in all 7 years of my life, at that time). He poked it into my gums and ouchhhhh!!!!! to inject the anesthesia.  There were like 2 people over me, holding me down. Sounds like some child abuse horror movie?! The next thing I know, he took out a huge pair of pincers, gripped my decayed molar and tried to rip it out!!! For some reason, he couldn’t extract it, so he was turning and twisting it in my mouth!!!! With me screaming and struggling to get out!! Finally it broke into pieces and he extracted it with 2 other people holding me down this time.  I swear I had nightmares that night and my mouth swelled up like a puffer fish for 2 whole weeks. He ought to be jailed and shot!!! HMPF!!!

My mom swore not to bring me to a polyclinic anymore, but the damage was done.  The next time I needed a dental check up, she brought me to a private clinic.  I was put on the dental chair (darn! I hate that chair!) while the dentist prepared the tools of torture (Oops! I mean of his trade).  With the spotlight glaring at me, the shiny tools twinkling, all the nightmarish images came back to me.  I jumped out of the chair, flung the door open and took off in record high speed!! (I was never good at short distance running but that was for self-preservation!!) Everyone was taken aback by surprise and they caught up with me about 500m away and dragged me back to the clinic. Awww.. So much for the great escape.  No amount of coercion and cajoling could get me back in without struggling. So they gave up.  Finally I had to go back because of the pain from the toothache. So now, it’s a matter of which had a higher degree of pain. Sigh…  I got through it but with a lot of cold sweat and shivering.

My current dentist is really good. He gives me tissue boxes to grip and tear to relieve the fear and talks non-stop to me.  But still… the fear lingers

I’d never put 宝贝through that. My dentist advised me to prep her up for it before the visit and to bring her favorite soft toy for comfort.  So I did my prepping and motivational gag on her.

Me: 宝贝!Mama is going to bring you for a dental visit.

宝贝:Dental Visit? (She’s parroting everything I say nowadays)

Me: Yes.  I’m going to bring you to Dr Tan, who is a dentist and he’s going to give you beautiful white teeth.  You are going to sit on a fun chair, wear huge goggles and he’s going to use an electric toothbrush on you.  You are going to be so pretty after that! (Appealing to her vanity sometimes works.) Would you like that?? It’s going to be so fun!!

She nodded agreeably.

We had to wait for a while for our turn.  More prepping outside the door until she got so excited about it that she kept asking when’s her turn.  (fingers crossed… good sign). It’s our turn!!

She was put on the dental chair.

Dentist : Where’s her soft toy??

Me: Erm… oops.. forgot to bring it! (Bad Mama!! But in reality, she’s hardly a soft toy person.) Dentist gave me a “tsk tsk” look.

Dentist : Check out this chair! It’s a space chair! It can go up and down, forward and back! (He made the chair go up and down.  She looked quite amused by it. Seemed like things were going really well at the point.)

(He gave her a model of the mouth and teeth and explained all the terms like canine, pre molar, molar etc… and what he was going to do.  She listened silently, as usually)  Look at this light? It’s really fun! (Switched the light on and off) (Gave her a mirror). The light enables you to see your teeth clearly!! If you turn the mirror over, your teeth become twice the size!! (She fiddled with the mirror) (Showed her the little dental mirror) I will be using this little mirror to look at your teeth! You can see me doing that with your mirror!

There she is! Looking at herself in her little mirror.  Looking totally “unglam” with the tissue box sandwiched between her legs.  But at least she didn’t look traumatized.

Dentist : Let’s put on some cool goggles, shall we??

Haha! In her oversized yellow goggles!

Dentist : (held her hand over the spray) Press this! See! Water comes out from here to clean your teeth! And you can even blow air! Now I’m going to clean your teeth with an electric toothbrush!!

She was silent throughout the entire thing.  (What’s new… she’s always very quiet around people she’s new to.)  It all went without a hitch.

There she is! Relaxing after the cleaning.  With a *cigar* in her mouth.  Sigh.. Looks like an *Ah Lian.

When we got home, she was gushing over the “space chair”, the spray, the Dentist, the everything to Grandma!! I’m relieved that it’s turned out to be an awesome experience for her, instead of a traumatic one like mine.  She was flashing her white pearlies to everyone with pride and looking forward to the next dental visit. 🙂

*Kiasu = Afraid of losing out to others

Ah Lian = female gangster

Cookie… MONSTER!

Cookie… MONSTER!

Ahh… That was the first thing that came to my mind when I saw it…

宝贝:Mama!! I made this cookie myself!! In school!! *beaming*

Me: Wow! Lovely! What is it??

宝贝:It’s a cookie BEAR!! *throws her hands up in glee* see the 2 black eyes???

Me: Ahh…! I thought so too! What a cute bear! Shall we keep it?

宝贝:Noo! I’m going to eat it!! *makes the munching sound*

I thought I’d better snap it before it ends up in her tummy.  Quite a neat little job for a 2 and a half year old.