Water Dragon Fengshui for 2012

Water Dragon Fengshui for 2012

Suntec city, convention hall 40something. Smart Property Exhibition 2012. Saturday afternoon.

When an arrow sharp and straight hit me, I knew I had to burn my beautiful Saturday afternoon, working at Suntec City. It’s during this time that I heard an awesome Fengshui analysis for the property outlook for 2012.

Grandmaster Tan : The wealth positions of Singapore lie in the north-east position and (north or south, he was speaking in mandarin and I didn’t quite catch it. But that covers all grounds. :p) north/south-west.

Punggol lies in the north-west position of Singapore. Therefore for this year, the property there will BOOM!!!

Audience : ooooohhhhhh!!

Grandmaster Tan : (with a wise nod) but it’s too late for now. 4 years ago, I predicted this here at the smart exhibition. Ahhh but many people didn’t believe in it. Now all the houses there prices going up very fast!!

Audience : hmmmm… (with regrets)

Earth shaking prediction!!! (or more of the on-the-hindsight) Anyone who’s bought a property in any part of Singapore 4 years back would have made a tidy profit now. Man! I should have gone into this Fengshui business!!!! *rolls eyes*

Ok before Fengshui enthusiasts haul stones at me, I was in a foul mood because I had to work. Zzz

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