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Day: November 17, 2011

Glued to the GoggleBox

Glued to the GoggleBox

The GoggleBox is indeed a fascinating device. People would rather glue their eyes to the flickering screen than to pay attention or communicate with their loved ones.

It’s a weekly ritual that we visit 宝贝’s Ah Ma (grandmother) every sat/sun because that’s the only time she gets to see her. Theoretically she should be showering her with attention in that short 1 hour. But in reality, this happens :

18:30 we appear at the door. Greetings and hugs exchange.
18:35 we start on dinner. 宝贝 drags all the toys from the room and starts playing with them. Her cousin will play with her or if she’s not around, the helper will look over her. While Ah Ma keeps her son updated of the weekly gossips and lamentation.
18:45 we finish dinner. Ah Ma watches 宝贝 play on her own or with her cousin.
19:00 goggle box is switched on and a sappy Taiwanese drama plays. All the aunties are watching it! I simply don’t understand the draw of it. The storyline is so stereotypical and absolutely crappy. Everyone gets drawn in. 宝贝 sneaks a peek once in a while as she’s still under a tv ban at home. I end up playing with her which I really don’t mind. But I’d rather play with her at home where all the appropriate toys are and not having to drag her away from the goggle box ever so often.
19:30 we hang around for another 30 mins and leave for home.

30 mins drive there and 30 mins drive back for 15 mins of interaction and 30 mins of tv watching sounds like a totally bad deal to me. All that time wasted. We could have go for a swim, a walk, whatever!!!

I still can’t understand how a crappy television program can appear to be more interesting than interacting with a bubbly, chatty toddler.

Sunday is coming. Here we go again!! Gah!!!