I love it! I love it! I love it! Every time I add a new post, readership shoots up! This is surely motivation to write about more interesting stuff and of course more often?? It feels more satisfying than working!!

Should I *”fry my boss cuttlefish“?? So tempting! And recently 宝贝 has been begging me not to work but spend more time with her. She’s been sticking to me like super glue on
my short stints at home during her waking hours.

But but blogging can’t bring in enough money (although so many people have been telling me to monetize my blog. But I simply don’t blog often enough for that). Sigh! Earth to Zhiwei! Earth to Zhiwei! Back to reality please!

Ok back to work….. Sighhhhh….

fry my boss cuttlefish – direct translation from Chinese 抄老板鱿鱼 = to sack my boss aka resign from my job.

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