Hallo! Please Keep your Hair to yourself?!

Hallo! Please Keep your Hair to yourself?!

Being can packed in the MRT like a sardine had already soured my mood! AND standing right behind a long haired girl certainly didn’t brighten up my day.

Well, if I were a guy, I might have been fantasizing about washing my face with the lass’ hair, except for the fact that her hair wasn’t that of the quality seen in shampoo advertisements and that applied to her face as well. (Now now, that’s really a meanie thing to say. As you can see, I’m not my sweet self now.) And yes, I believe I have ever written about the strange fetish men (especially my good friend, Mr. Kong) have about long hair.  I told him that he should date Sadako (the victimised long haired lass from “The Ring”), the date would surely be a memorable one.

On with the story… Yes, I was standing behind this long haired girl who strangely had this super duper absolutely irriating habit of turning her head to flick her hair around! For WHAT?! The train was simply too packed to allow her the space to do that (and she’s eating into my personal air space.  That alone, has already offended me lots!) and every eligible bachelor was probably nose deep in his iphone. (I have observed that 8 out of 10 passengers were cross eyed at peering into their iphones.) All she had achieved was to irritate me as her long strands or prickly hair kept entering my nostrils!

My first horrified thought was,”Eeks!! When had she last washed her hair?!” The consolation thought was, I had not cleaned my nose that day, so maybe that might have helped clean up my ample supply of dried mucus, otherwise known as “pi sai”. I had not really come to a conclusion on which was more unhygenic?  I bravely endured the thought and ticklish feeling until it was getting pretty unbearable.  (I was referring to the ticklish feeling.  I was secretly relishing the thought of my many pieces of “pi sais” sticking to her hair. Evil eh??)

I could feel my hand creeping up (against my will, of course!), to tug at her hair to stop the swishing! As my disobedient limb almost reached her hair, she decided to alight. Sigh… I could have given her some aid in hair lengthening…and I could almost envision myself looking really apologetic to her and pointing behind me, mouthing, “sorry! he pushed me!!”

What an anticlimax!!

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  1. Haha! This was funny! I can emphatise what you experience. Once there was this woman with quite a good size breast standing right in front of me in a very pack MRT. She kept leaning towards me and her breast pressed on me! I was like erks, so gross, really gross! But she was like not noticing that at all, wondering why her breast “no feeling”? I am glad I only take MRT like once in a blue moon 🙂

    1. Wow! If you were a guy, you would have been on 7th heaven. Maybe her breasts have been…. That’s why she didn’t feel anything….

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