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Month: April 2010

Ornaments in the Park

Ornaments in the Park

I visited Naples some donkey years back. The Italian government decorated the streets with ornaments that flashed green and red. At first we thought that they were traffic lights! After observing the locals and the drivers (the traffic continued unaffected whether the lights flashed red or green), we realised that they were just decorative street lamps! Trust me, crossing the streets in Naples had never been more exciting.

Orchard road was decorated with huge structured and bright lightings during Christmas; Chinatown during Chinese New Year etc

At Pasir Ris park, the National Parks have erected “No Kiteflying Allowed” signs in the park. Nice ornaments.

Come to think of it, maybe people mistook the sign for “No Stingray Fishing Allowed”. It does look like a stingray right???