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Month: October 2009

I am a Flasher!

I am a Flasher!

Haha! Gotcha! Had a shock?

It happened yesterday, in a long, dark tunnel…  my first drive in more than a month in my Dad’s car.

Being a good, compliant Singaporean, once I entered the KPE (Kallang-Paya lebar Expressway)(Singaporeans simply love acronyms!), I switched on my car headlights.  “Hey! Why isn’t my dashboard lighted up? Is the light out of order?!”

Snap, Click.. (switching off the lights) Hmm.. there seems to be a slight difference in the brightness.

Snap, Click.. (switching on the lights) Well… It does look a wee bit brighter but still, it’s not as bright as it should have been.

Snap, Click.. Snap, click… Snap, click… Oh no! I must inform my Dad that his dashboard light is down and it’s NOT MY FAULT.

Snap, Click.. Snap, click… I felt an itch on my face, lifted my hand to scratch it.. Hey! What’s this! Sunglasses!!!

Silly Me!! I have forgotten that I had my sunglasses on when I was driving down the tunnel… No wonder the light looked dim! The guy in the car in front of me must have thought that I have been flashing some kinky message at him in MORSE code?! It’s a wonder that he didn’t blink a message back.  But then again, I was probably too occupied with figuring out whether the light was working to notice it even if he did.

Hehe.. *goofy grin*

Just a little adventure in my mundane boring life. >.<

1 min = 1 hour?

1 min = 1 hour?

When does 1 min seem to last forever, more like 1 hour :

1. This was more than a decade ago, seems more like yesterday.  As a tradition after the National Swimming Championship, “greenies” or newbies (I wonder if they still practise it now) were made to “walk the plank”.  You get escorted up a 10m jumping board over the Toa Payoh swimming complex diving pool and you literally walk off the “cement” plank.  When I was in the pool, the ride down looked fairly quick, almost like a split second.  When it was my turn, just the walk from the safety of the part of the board with handrails to the part where it stuck over the pool, it already felt like eternity.  It was no wonder that some guys (I will not name names) “chickened” out in the final act.  I took a deep breath, tucked my head in and took the plunge.  What seemed like a few seconds felt like eternity after I stepped into the air.  I still remember vividly how I asked myself, “Why is it taking so long?” and my brain probably worked in hyperspeed as images raced through my mind.  I even had time to joke to myself, so this was what went through every suicidal person’s mind when they stepped across the ledge into the threshold of death.  Then, a mind boggling splash and a huge OUCH (pain from the impact of my bum meeting the surface of the water) broke my train of thought.

2. Expressing milk in the middle of the night when all I wanted to do was to SLEEP! I literally fell asleep during the process to wake up and peer at my Casio watch to discover that only 30 secs had passed. Darn!

3. I can’t believe how some people can be facial addicts. I simply can’t imagine myself turning into one.  To be fair, I love the massage part (wished that it could be forever), then again, it doesn’t make much sense to go for a facial when all I wanted was massage. Well, every girl has to maintain her looks or what’s left of it (Lena peered at my face and gave me a very grave look and told me to slap on more moisturiser!! Yikes! Wrinkles!!!).  Anyway, for the sake of vanity, I had to endure the pain of the extraction of oil from the enlarged pores.  What felt like hours was probably only minutes… and what I hated most was when unidentified cold substance (sometimes it’s hot, I mildly dislike the hot one less than the cold one) was smeared all over my face and my neck and I had to wait for what seemed like forever (then again, in actual fact, it was probably 15-30 mins) before it was washed off. That’s the mask, I presume. (As you can see I’m not too learned in the realms of facial stuff, I only know that I must endure that to prevent more disparaging remarks about my face. The price of vanity…)  Somehow during the eternal wait, I would have a tremendous urge to scratch the parts of my face under all the  gooey stuff.  How can they ever expect this to be bliss and that I would be able to relax and sleep for that period of time! It really escapes me, maybe someone can enlighten me on that. Phew! The lights came on and the beautician was back to wash the stuff off.. Relief…

4. Lie in a bathtub with a book.  Friends have told me with dreamy looks on their faces, how therapeutic and relaxing it was to lie in a bathtub with/without a book.  Well, I have tried. I had a huge bathtub in the bathroom of my apartment when I was living in Landshut.  Yeah! Finally I have a bathtub! Remembering the looks of euphoria on the faces of friends who have described their “baths”, I decided to give it a shot so that I could be as blissfully happy as their descriptions.  I filled my bathtub with water that was just the right temperature and then settled in with a nice book.  “Wait a minute, I have to be very careful with my book (I’m a book freak, I hate lines on my books’ spines and dog ears on the pages.), or else it will get wet!” A horrified thought flashed across my mind. “Ok, let me read a magazine instead.” So I got up and snatched a magazine. After half an hour (I thought), which in actual fact, was only 10 mins, of trying to make myself comfortable in the bathtub and not get my magazine wet, it just felt such a waste of time and water. The bed was 10 times more comfortable for reading than the hard surface of the bathtub and my book wouldn’t get wet, neither would I catch a cold and I wouldn’t need to waste much water to fill the whole big bathtub. One min in the bathtub felt like an hour. That was the end of my bathtub adventure. People only shook their heads and gave me the “you don’t know how to pamper yourself” kind of look.