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Day: September 16, 2009

Phit Phit Shoes

Phit Phit Shoes

Have you seen the “Phit Phit Shoes” that toddlers wear? The squeaking ones that go “phit phit” when they run in them, similar to the bells which farmers hang around the necks of their cows to keep track of them.  Well, I haven’t thought much about them, except that they were probably the most primitive “GPS” system used to track babies down.

TODAY! I discovered how absolutely IRRITATING they can be!!  The occasional “phit phit” can be a comic relief, but if you were to hear constant “phitting” for like 20 mins, you can really be driven mad by it!  I was totally absorbed in my book, while waiting for my turn at the hospital when a family of 3 turned up and occupied the seats in my seating cluster.  The toddler (he’s the culprit wearing the shoes), at first sight, was really adorable.  He must have just learnt how to walk and it must have been a novelty to him.  His father put him down on the floor and he happily ran around the place.  The “phit phit” sound from his shoes was bearable at first, until his father treated the waiting area like his personal playground.  He was chasing his son (yes, the FATHER) around the whole area in the hospital, shouting at the top of his voice, “come here, come here!” It’s no wonder, the kid ran around madly on his “phit phit phitting” shoes! Meanwhile, his mother was clapping her hands enthusiastically and shouting ” phit phit” along with his shoes. An adult imitating a pair of shoes. GREAT!  So this went on for 20 mins… (yes, that’s considered a short wait at a public hospital).  I was nearly driven mad by the constant high pitched sound.  Standing up, I was edging towards the happily clapping, “phit phitting” mother, to remind her that they were at a hospital where there were ill people around and peace and quiet would be much appreciated and the place was not their private playground, when my number flashed across the screen.  Lucky for them and for me as well!

I dodged into the scanning room for my scan, very much relieved that there would be some quiet moments in there.  As usual, I was directed to yet another section of the hospital (which was rather far from the previous scanning section) for doctor’s consultation after the scanning.  I made myself comfortable outside the doctor’s room, as I anticipated another long wait, with my book.  I was at my 3rd page, when from the corner of my eyes, three familiar figures were seen and an all too-close-to-heart sound was heard. Phit “>Phit Phit Phit!

I simply couldn’t believe my good fortune of the day…. the Phit family has just migrated from the scanning section to the very same consultation section as mine.  Why ME?!