My New Travel Blog – With a Knapsack on my Back

My New Travel Blog – With a Knapsack on my Back

Yes! I have done it! I have thought and talked so much about it that I have finally sat down this fine afternoon and did it! No more procrastination. No more just talking and not doing. 

I have created my travel blog!  I have so many photos and journals that is putting me off from starting.  But heck! I will just start with the latest one and work backwards.  Sounds like a brilliant plan right? I can see you just nodding your head in agreement. I thought so too! Thanks for agreeing!

Who knows… This may just well lead to my next career move. Travel writing! People making me offers to travel to their countries and write about them. Free hotels, free food sampling at Michelin standard restaurants, exotic places… Sighhhh… It’s nice to dream sometimes.  It may just materialise if I write enough and my dreams may just MANIFEST!  Meanwhile, what you can do is to admire my nice photos, adventures (or mishaps) and feel free to ask me for travel tips!

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