To be Me or Not to be Me??

To be Me or Not to be Me??

Recently (ok, not so recently. I coined this posting in my mind but have only got around to ACTUALLY posting it today) I attended a team building workshop with my colleagues to set the you-know mission statement, vision thingy.

The trainer brought up a point about harnassing today’s technology to expand the business network and contacts, to bring the products closer to the marketplace. He mentioned marketing on twitter and facebook. Therefore, the facebook profile photo should be a well-taken one in formal business attire (Mine shows me eating seaweed soup in Korea – Failed the 1st criterion). And SINCE it’s supposed to project you in an utterly professional image, you are not supposed to put any “xia suay” (it means humiliating in the Hokkien Dialect) photo albums. (My photo albums have photos of me in various compromising actions, no nude ones though… – another big X.) The facebook page is meant for you to market the latest project and updates about your business. (My facebook page contains various snide remarks about my friends’ comments, photos, what-have-yous. – F9 there.)

Therefore, I have concluded that my facebook page is totally unfit for the business aspect. Therefore, he suggested creating another profile for business purposes. Hmm.. So I asked him, “what about you? Don’t you have your friends on facebook?” He replied, “My business self and personal self are coherent, therefore I need not create another one.” HAH! He must be quite a boring person.

Anyway, with that wise bit of advice, I have decided that if I were to create another facebook account, simply for business purposes, it will end up to be so UN-me. I will be passing comments like,”Wow! That’s a thoughtful action!” instead of “Don’t you have better things to do?!!” or “That photo is so wonderfully YOU!” instead of “Oh my goodness! Did you dig out that piece of drapery from your GREAT grandmother’s wardrobe?!”

I will become so utterly hypocritcal and boring. That would probably have severe repercussions on my mental health, maybe even resulting in schizophrenic (SEOW! Is this how it’s spelt??!!) behaviour. My dear friends, you wouldn’t want that to happen to me right? Because I’m the light of your lives.

Therefore, I have decided to make the ultimate sacrifice and give up the money making opportunities through my facebook profile so that I can continue to post ugly photos of myself and pass insulting but liberating remarks on all your entries! REJOICE!!

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  1. Well said about the Facebook professional photo. Facebook are for friends, do business somewhere else… LOL

    – LJ

  2. Well said about the Facebook professional photo. Facebook are for friends, do business somewhere else… LOL

    – LJ

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