Doors are for Decorative Purposes

Doors are for Decorative Purposes

Armed with the mission of acquiring my first branded bag, my two bodyguards-cum-shopping consultants (Julie and Brenda) and I decided to storm the DFS building down at Orchard Road. Even the most mission oriented soldier would need to answer nature’s call, which, of course, brought us to the posh DFS restrooms.

Once we went through the main door, we were greeted by a ceaseless chatter from the cubicles. Instinctively, we proceeded to the cubicles and we caught two women with their pants down – literally. Do I sound like I’m joking? Seated on two toilet bowls, in two separate cubicles were two women, well, with their pant’s down and animatedly chatting to each other in a chinese dialect, with the doors WIDE OPEN. One of them was wearing a bright red suit. Not only that, they were oblivious to our presence. I checked the door to my cubicle, it was working.

There were a few conclusions I could derive :
1. The doors were for decorative purposes.
2. They did not know how to use the doors.
3. It must have been culturally impolite to close your doors while using the toilet.
4. The doors would hinder the conversation and they wouldn’t be able to hear each other. However, I highly doubt this as they were loud enough to be heard from outside the toilets (That was with the buffer of 1 door – the main one, because their cubicle doors were not closed.)
5. To air the place
6. To share the mutual joy of relief of nature’s call.
7. To show off the branded underwear. (I was too embarrassed to scrutinise the brands. Looked white from far though.)
8. They forgot to bring their umbrellas.
9. They were in a hurry to use the facilities.

I simply can’t think of another reason to make it ten. Therefore, as you can see, it is not necessary to travel overseas to experience cultural exchange. It can happen right under our noses, in the restrooms.

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