My Brother is a Cleanliness FREAK!

My Brother is a Cleanliness FREAK!

Here I am, dying to get my post printed out, in black and white, so that I can use it tomorrow, and then crawl into bed. BUT! My dear brother just has to clean himself! ARGH! Every time I ask him to perform a task, he will clean himself for at least 5-10 minutes before setting his mind to it! What’s his problem! Is there a need to do that?! I can’t stand his freakish habit!

Still, being such a cleanliness freak sure beats the Epson. My last Epson got so clogged up that the nozzles couldn’t be used. That’s how I ended up with Brother. But then again, nothing could beat my faithful HP. He slogged and slaved for me for a good 3 years before he decided that enough was enough. He hung up his inks and went into permanent hibernation. How I miss him!

After my clean little brother expires, I will go back to HP. Nothing beats good old HP….

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