Hair Raising Experience?! The Very Opposite!!

Hair Raising Experience?! The Very Opposite!!

I declare that this would be the very last time I would ever go to this hairdresser!! NEVER EVER EVER AGAIN!!

For weeks, I was looking at the world through the gaps in my fringe (sort of reminded me of those white and grey shaggy dogs) and as usual, I procrastinated getting it cut (what’s new??). So one very day, I resolved to go to the nearest QB station to get my $10 haircut. They cut really decently for $10, serious!! However, I was soon talked out of it by Brenda and Julie, who declared that it’s a total waste to spend 10 whole bucks, merely on trimming my fringe!!!! They convinced me on the merits of cutting my own hair, citing that it was not only simple (any idiot can do it) but it’s also free….

I should have read Napolean Hill earlier. One of his chapters mentioned that Millionaires make their decisions quickly and chanage them slowly. Sigh….

So, I got ready the tool of the trade (bought a pair of scissors from Guardian because the scissors at home have developed teeth…) and prepared myself for life-changing event.

I carefully combed my fringe so that every strand of hair fell into place and delicately snipped it off, just below my eyebrows with 2 quick snips. That was easy and quick, ya??!! Feeling rather proud of myself, I took another view of it in the mirror and SHIIITTT!!! My fringe has shrunk above my eyebrows!!!!! I looked, and still does, absolutely TUT (slang for country bumpkin)!!

I realised that when I was cutting my hair, I was actually looking up, so, as a natural reflex, my eyebrows were raised. Therefore, I was actually measuring the length of my fringe against the raised eyebrows. Mystery solved.

All great people have to go through failures and jibes from the public. SO I braced myself and have since lived through 2 days of jibes and jeers. I have decidedly sacrificed myself for the good of the world, by providing them with good, clean entertainment for 2 whole days and a few more days to come. Meanwhile, I have just learnt that XO aids hair growth…..

P.S. Julie mentioned that I should have snipped my fringe in layers and not in 2 clean snips….. Just a word of advice for people who decide to take their hairs in their own hands…..

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