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Day: November 30, 2005

Icky Oatmeal

Icky Oatmeal

I have initially wanted to create a post on more MRT stuff, until I read Pig’s most recent entry. Hey! What are friends for?! I should write something about a friend than a bunch of nameless strangers on the MRT, right??

Can you imagine eating something that you KNOW that you have kept it around for one whole year in the humid environment of this country? Awwww…. Yep! That was my first reaction!

I have seen his oatmeal concoction when I visited him once. “Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder” It stands true even for food. I thought it resembled something, which I had expelled from my stomach when I had food poisoning once, but then again, it looked like gourmet dinner to him. *Shrug* Oh well, to each his own. So you get the idea what it actually looks like. “The porridge-like texture and the taste is a combination die for — what more can I ask for? – quotation from Pig I wonder if this sentence has a double meaning to it. *ponder* (It’s a pity I didn’t take the opportunity to capture it with a camera. Time to get a camera phone!)

On top of this, he gobbled it down even though he discovered some strange bits floating in it. *sigh*

Is it so difficult to prepare a healthy meal without eating vomit-like oatmeal with dead insects floating on it?

Pig, here’s a simple recipe for you. If you are really going vegetarian, just cook a little rice/porridge. Get some nice leafy xiao bai cai, boil them for one minute and pour oyster sauce over them. I guarantee that they have a more pleasing aesthetic effect and more nutrients than your strange looking oatmeal. Simple enough for lazy you?

P.S Knowing him, he will probably pen a sarcastic comment later. However, in order to prove me wrong, he may forcefully restrain himself from writing the comment.