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Day: November 29, 2005

Excuse me, is this seat taken?

Excuse me, is this seat taken?

A survey on MRT riding habits.

1. At the entrance, do you
a. try to rub your big fat black bag over the ezlink sensor (a few times, that is, because the ezlink card in your bag has shifted from left to right)(especially if you are an auntie with a really big bag), valiantly enduring the scathing looks from the peak hour commuters behind you?
b. tap the sensor lightly with your ultra slim card holder?
c. pull your brakes just before the gantry, causing other commuters to collide headlong into you, before you dig into your bag to search for your ezlink card for a full 10 mins?

2. After you have painstakingly crossed the gantry, do you
a. run down the stairs to try to beat the rest of the commuters on the escalators, as it makes good sense to do a little exercise everyday?
b. stand beside someone on the right side of the escalator, being the only person standing in the right, enduring the daggered looks of the person behind you and hot breaths down your neck, while blissfully looking around, enjoying the scenary?
c. try to run down the right side of the escalator (to try to beat Mr. A), only to find Mr. B blissfully blocking your way?

3. After crossing rivers and mountains, when you have finally reached the platform, do you
a. lean against the glass panels like a spineless creature
b. ignore the yellow markings on the ground and stick your nose against the glass doors, because you are so shortsighted that you can’t even see the doors (and the yellow markings) at all?
c. find a small seat between 2 people and squeeze yourself between them, causing one of them of fall off his/her end of the seat, just so that you can expand the size of your bum (my friend has this theory that women’s bums grows due to prolonged sitting in the offices)? Now I’m Ms C here. Do you notice that, no matter how wide the space is, the 2 people will definitely shift themselves to give up miniscular amount of unneccessary space? Must be the human space I’m talking about. Hehe, I simple love to see people squim. Muahahaha.

4. When the MRT doors open with loads and loads of people in the 100m starting race position, do you
a. bash straight into them, rugby style, because you simply can’t understand a very simple theory in physics that, in order for something to enter a full container, things must come out first?
b. stand at the side politely, while all the Mr. and Ms. As are bashing each other silly, to find that, when the mrt bells chime, there isn’t any space for you, then resignedly wait for the next train?
c. turn ninja style and slowly edge from the side of the door and squirm yourself through the crowd?

Please write your answers in my comments (blabber) box. This post is in no way related to the SMRT and any similar reference is purely personal.