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Day: November 22, 2005



One more post, today, to make up for the lost months.

TS got me hooked onto this thingy. It’s some number game with a unique solution. You will catch me huddled over my table, with a frown on my forehead, trying to figure out the solution. Just imagine the sense of satisfaction when I solve it! YES!

TS, the main supplier of the puzzles had to diligently download them from TODAY’s website and photostat them for us. THANKS!!! But now, muahahhaha! I have discovered the ultimate source from YY’s blog!

If you are a fan of Sudoku, wait no longer, just click on this link to satisfy your craving!

For the suakus (suaku = mountain turtle = ignoramus) who have never seen a sudoku puzzle before, here’s one to increase your knowledge database.

2 Weeks of Nothing, but Sloth and Gluttony!

2 Weeks of Nothing, but Sloth and Gluttony!

2 weeks of MC (Medical Leave), I’d better put it to good use. I’m supposed to be an invalid for this span of time, anyway. Invalid = I can eat, sleep, watch tv, surf net, but I’m not supposed to indulge in any form of housework or carry anything heavy. Sounds like heaven, eh? Hee hee.

Ok ok, I’m just abusing the MC to escape from work. Satisfied???? *fold arms* Well, I’ve never had a 2 weeks Mc before and yet, I can’t wait to go back to work. I can be so masochistic, sometimes.

Well, Kok Wai told me to get my ass off (nag nag) and start writing something constructive in my blog (nag nag) and stop wasting cyberspace (nag nag). (Say! He’s an awful nag for someone just one year older than I am. He’s probably going to knock my head when he reads this, but then again, it may take him another 1 month or so to detour back here. So that’s ONE MONTH REPRIEVE! Just can’t stop myself from taking a dig at him.)

Therefore, here I am, trying to add some spice, vinegar, sugar, salt into everyone’s (one who bothers to read this) life.

Stay tuned for more games and sarcasm!

*Akan Datang!

*I think it means To be continued…… in malay.

Waa! Incredible Surge in Comments!

Waa! Incredible Surge in Comments!

See see! I actually have more than 20 comments for my last substandard, pathetic entry. Exhilarated, I thought, Hey! People are starting to take notice of my blog! Then, again, after browsing through the comments, they fall into 2 catergories:
1. Begging for $$
2. A standard “praise” for my blog before doing some free marketing for theirs.

If you don’t have any constructive comments, then just don’t write anything! BAH!