Colour Me Fancy!

Colour Me Fancy!

Due to the elusiveness of Uncle Zhou (Zhou Gong = Father of Sleep) last night, insufficient oxygen is making its way to my brain matter. Rather than boring my readers with my whining, I chose to blog surf. Was just wondering if the pig has updated his blog, since the map thingy, therefore, popping in for a look. Had a rather pleasant surprise that, hey! He has indeed diligently added some articles (Pretty admirable, considering the amount of time he is spending on “mapling” his bowman.)

That took like a mere 5 mins…. (10 mins if you count the amount of time I took to add a miserable little comment.) Decided to check out his flogs.

Call it luck or what (since I haven’t been too lucky recently….), I came upon this “Shattered” Blog’s article on illustration of words. Cool yah?! Being vain little me, the first time I did… was… hehe… to type in my name.

Flying-AhWomble WRed EBlue I

I love it! It has all the elements of my favourite colours in them – Bright red, yellow and blue!!! I simply go gaa-gaa over primary colours. Check yours out and see if you can paste it in my comments page. Erm… what comments.. see the little tag on the left? It says Blabber, actually it’s a comments tab. I was being heow that day when I named it and sigh, the comp idiot syndrome has kicked in and I have no clue how to amend it…

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