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Day: June 20, 2005

Maple Story – My Latest Craze!

Maple Story – My Latest Craze!

Being too destitute to play World of Warcraft (It costs US$40 for a 3 month subscription, on top of the 100 over bucks for the software itself. It’s definitely a rich man’s game!!!), I can only play this super *kawaiii online game – Maple Story.

I informed Duma about it and he promptly told me, “Nah! I’m busy every night. I have to hold midnight conversations with my darling cupcake. No time to play games!!!” DUH! I told Yy about it the next day and the efficient gal downloaded it immediately and started playing it. That very very night, Duma was logged in and happily playing. DUMA! EAT YOUR WORDS!!!! Guess he didn’t have much of a choice, the person whom he’s holding twilight talks with is playing the game, so, in order for him to continue his chat… he simply has to play the game. Muahahahhaah!

Enough about Duma! As I was saying, I have this absolutely adorable character there. Lumino’s the name, of course, she aspires to be a fire mage in future. You can certainly tell that from her name. The older generation of people who have been playing RPG, certainly has a more vibrant imagination, when picking names for their characters, unlike the fresh, new generation. I have come across names like NinNaoHeah, LeLaoPeh, Loverboy, Inuyasha1234 (sheesh this looks like someone who can’t think of a better original name). DUH DUH! That’s Singaporean for you.

Oh yeah! I have to flash this absolutely endearing picture of Lumino.

Lumino in 2nd stage. I didn’t know how to use the snapshot function when she was in her 1st stage. Therefore, I missed her baby photo! Sob!

Lumino in 3rd stage.

Notice that the clothes get prettier as my level gets higher? Yes! You are right! I’m levelling Lumino so that she can get prettier clothes and make a fashion statement! Observe the well-coordinated colours. Arrrhhh….! If you want to play, play it with style!

*kawaii = cute (in japanese). Not so sure about the spelling though, but, you got the idea right?

Shrink… Shrink… GONE!

Shrink… Shrink… GONE!

Have you been to seminars/workshops/lectures? I would assume so. I have been to tonnes of them.

Another observation : Have you ever noticed that people walk in and out of the room during the session?

Observation #3 : The strange thing is, they simply refuse to use the backdoor, but would prefer to do that right before a hundred pairs of eyes.

Observation #4 : Not only that, they always perform this weird movement of lowering their heads or hunching their backs as they stride across the room.

Observation #5 : Gosh! Some genie must have taught them that! That is, by hunching your back or lowering your heads, you would either become invisible or shrink to a miniscular size and nobody will notice you sauntering across the room.

The Bad News : Well, it certainly doesn’t work. Despite all the hunching, lowering, attempts to run across with lightning speed, we still see them…… BIG as life. Would someone please tell them so that they will stop embarrassing themselves in front of a huge audience and in public??