The Mystery of the Disappearing Rubbish

The Mystery of the Disappearing Rubbish

Rubbish is taken very seriously in Germany, where I have stayed for a year. The green glass bottles go into one bin, white ones another, plastic stuff in yet another and paper ones are stacked up on top of others. There! Every rubbish has its own special place. You can even bring your glass bottles back to the supermarket in exchange for money!

During one of the “cultural exchange” moments, my German colleagues were wow-ing over Singapore’s amazing invention – the fabulous Rubbish Eatosaurus. Singaporeans just need to open the Rubbish Eatosaurus, either concealed in their kitchen somewhere, or situated near the lift, flick the waste in and presto! Everything’s taken care off. Then the waste travels down the magic tunnel and little elves clear them early in the morning and melt away in the beams of dawn before any Singaporean awakens. Magical eh?

YET, more than a few times, I have discovered rubbish in the lift!!! Is the magical Rubbish Eatosaurus not enough for these Singaporeans?! Do they need to treat the elevator as one as well?! Or maybe their hands were so wasted that they had not the strength to open the door of the Eatosaurus, and yet had the energy to truck the rubbish to the elevator and pile them in a corner.

Strangely, after 1 day, the rubbish also mysteriously disappeared. Must have been those hardworking elves. It would have been heaven’s justice if the elves could wave their arms and teleport the “rubbish” back to the culprit’s home. Hmm… where would be a great place to leave them? *ponder* How about smack right in the center of their living room, so that it can be admired from all angles?

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