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Day: January 14, 2004

Christmas! (Half a month late….)

Christmas! (Half a month late….)

Yes yes… I know that Chinese New Year (22-23 Jan 2004) is approaching and I am still posting Christmas links.

Again, from YY’s website (Hmm… I wonder where she got all these links from.. Truly amazing!!)

A brief description of the game :

You get to be Santa (Yeah!) and your task is to give the presents to the children and throw chunks of coal on the evil elves. (Again! I used to think that elves were the kindly serfs of dear O’le Santa. I’m totally disillusioned, but, nevertheless…) You have to avoid evil reindeers (huh?!) from running you down and avoid falling off the roof.

Simple right?! Wait til you start playing it and try figuring out the mambo jumbo of keys. My highest record on my third try was 4635. My brother beat me with 5700 points using my very own strategy! Hmpf! *fold arms*