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Day: December 22, 2003

(Monstrous) Creativity Unleashed!!

(Monstrous) Creativity Unleashed!!

Creativity.. Creativity, an overused word touted by our modern educationists and frequently debated on in the national newspapers. Our children, our youths, the 4 million population of the country, Singapore, lack this omni-important ingredient – creativity!

What do we have?! A nation of robots, mass-produced by our ISO 9000 certified schools, only capable of following the book and walking in a straight line. This probably accounts for the lack of graffiti on our pristinely clean walls. Ta dah! Yet another blatant example of lack of creativity. (Ooops, should I think of a synonym for “creativity”?? Nah.. I don’t think I’m capable of it, being a true blue product of this uncreative society).

Parents lament over this and send their children to expensive, inefficient (from the looks of it) creativity classes all over the island. They even go to the extent of enrolling their children in schools at the other end of Singapore, bravely enduring the torment of traffic jams. (Well, since Singaporeans are even willing to trot across the island in search of gourmet dishes, this is a small price to pay, in exchange for children who will ooze creativity after attending the classes.)

Ahhh… BUT!!! Little do they know that, the best kept secret to funneling the essence of “creativity” is actually in this website. I present to you, the zenith of creativity (contributed by the God of Links, I totally worship him!!!) – Mr. Picassohead. Once you port over to this amazing website and start putting lines on the blank screen, you will positively feel the elixir of creativity gush into you…..

Finally, here is my very own masterpiece (For people who do not know how to open links, please click on the linked word-masterpiece to see my drawing. Sharon Law (she has kindly reminded me to put her surname in, since Sharon is such a common name), this remark is specially added for YOU!!). A new artist of the Impressionist era has been born….. *fireworks*

Psst… I have had my eye on this Picasso drawing for ages… Since it’s going to be Christmas soon… GET THE HINT?! Nah.. You don’t have to give me the original piece, just a nice decent printed copy will do. GET THE 2ND HINT?!

T’is the season to be jolly… Tra la… la la la….