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Day: December 11, 2003

Where have all the cobblers gone?

Where have all the cobblers gone?

 As usual, my shoes gave way at the most unexpected time. Well, 2 nails fell out and the rubber sole at the heel was flapping (a little), and the very last nail threatened to join his brothers on the floor. Somehow, the old men (the cobblers), located at every corner of the town centres, just had to pick this appropriate time to go on vacation….

The nearest and definite place I could think of, was the Mister Minit at Thomson Plaza. Carefully stepping on the dislocated rubber, I finally made my way to the booth tucked away in a corner. Heaving a sigh of relief, I handed my shoe gingerly to Mister Minit.

“How much does it cost and how long do I need to wait?”

“$13.80 and half an hour.”

*Eyes widened* “What?! You charge $13.80 for putting 2 nails into my shoe?! You have got to be kidding!!”

“No, I will be changing the whole rubber sole.”*flashed 2 rubber pieces with Mister Minit logos liberally peppered across*

“I don’t need new ones.”

“They are already worn out.”

“There is still one big chunk left!! Ok. Thanks for the information.”

Mister Minit shrugged nonchalantly and went on with his chores.

I limped into NTUC Fairprice (a supermarket chainstore) and bought a big bag of nails for ONLY $1.90. I managed to put 2 fat nails into my heel (narrowly missing my fat fingers). It seems that I have the makings of a cobbler. *Beam* *Pat on my back*