New Year’s Resolutions!!!

New Year’s Resolutions!!!

10th Dec 2003

Ok ok, it’s the time of the year again! A time to make resolutions, because it’s the trend, and not keep them. Here goes….

1. I will sleep early every night (latest by 12 midnight… Pumpkin hour…)

2. I will not watch so much television programmes.

3. I will catch up with all my friends.

4. I will not gain an kg from my gluttony.

5. I will invest my money wisely and not squander them away.

6. I will appear in the office on time.

Hmmm… hmm… I will add on as I think about it… Has anyone mentioned that New Year Resolutions are supposed to be made before 1st Jan? Does 1st Jan 2005 count?? *ponder*

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