Hamster Jokes

Hamster Jokes

Story and characters are real and not fictitious. Names have been omitted to prevent these people from being jeered/insulted/having tomatoes thrown at them in public places.

*ring ring*

Me:Hey hey! I have picked up J’s birthday hamster!!It’s so Cuuuute!It is a he!!!

C: Oh really. (In a very bored tone)

Me: His birthday is on 18th August.

C:Wait. Let me take this down.

Me:Why are you taking it down? Didn’t know that you are so interested in hamsters…

C: Silence

Me:Oiy! Why are you taking down the hamster’s birthday?!

C:Hamster? You mean that’s not J’s birthday?

Me:Erm.. no.

C:Then say so lar!!!

*ring ring*

Me:Yo! I have your birthday present ready! Have to pass it to you!

(Mumble mumble. Meeting date + venue set.)

(Lugging a large cage with great difficulty)

J:Where’s my present? Why did you bring your hamster out? To show me?

Me: Hmmm… That’s not MY hamster.

J:Oh shit!

J is currently feeling very repentent for having hurt his hamster’s feelings with these harsh words. But his hamster (which is a he) is being subjected to more trauma, by being named… VIRGO! Ack!!! He is, at this very moment, trying very hard to dig a hole in the plastic tank, to tuck his head in.

Wednesday 24 September 2003 – Latest update!Virgo has been renamed as JJ. He is beginning to eat a little. There is a marked improvement in his appetite. Not only that, his nightmares have apparently ceased. He looks much happier and relieved.

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