Newsflash Newsflash! (5 month old news actually!)

Newsflash Newsflash! (5 month old news actually!)

My brain cells die at an exponential rate with each passing year… I have just realised (Yep! No excuse for this! After 5 whole months!) that I have forgotten to put this important news into my blog. I have got a new hamster!! Not very new actually… It’s already 6 months old (Taking into account, that hamsters have a general lifespan of 1.5-2 years!! He’s going through his quarter life crsis!!!). Lena gave him to me for my birthday! To replace Hammie (Oiy! Aren’t you proud that I named my last hamster after you?!) whom I have left behind in Germany.

Annd… His name is… (Ta da!!) PUDDING! His godmother (aka Lena Mama) has criticised this name, citing that it’s totally unoriginal… Acks! He is a Winter White Pudding (Name of his breed). And it is really coincidental that Mango Pudding is one of my (numerous) favourite desserts!! Yum yum!! But, little did I know, that this name would be his downfall….. The little hamster has evolved into a wobbly, orange pudding on little patter feet, living up to his namesake.

No amount of exercise nor dieting can alter his bottom heavy figure. I think Marie France or Expressions would do very well to come up with a Hamster Fats Reducing Programme. I am patiently waiting for this day to arrive, so that my little (or not so little) Pudding can recover his slim figure. Meanwhile, it’s back to good ole Hamster Ball!!

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