World Class Companies

World Class Companies

Have you ever wondered, why companies create websites and print brochures? The most obvious reason to me, is to spread the names of their firms to the whole wide world and then…. that’s it?!

Then why have they stopped at that point? Why spend tonnes of money on advertising, when they neglect (or forget) to leave their addresses, fax, emails, websites, etc behind? What is the rationale behind the beautiful glossy pages, mind boggling websites (with flash) and all, when the customers cannot locate which hole they have been buried under? The advertising companies or, perhaps, the people who have given these projects the green light, ought to be shot! They have brilliantly helped their firms lose potential customers and millions of dollars from sales, just because, they are idiotic enough, not to leave their contact details behind! Looking on the bright side, maybe it is a good thing that they have accomplished that, for who knows what they will do with the tooling if they are lucky enough to clinch the deal. Or even better, they might keep the tooling but misplace the machine. DUH! Oh great! Just great!

I have been complaining to Ern about these morons, for wasting my precious time, hunting around for their bloody blackhole. A smart quip from him, “Oh! This is a perfect chance for you to join them and transform them into world class companies!”

“Yeah, so where can I send my resume to?!” *Roll eyes*

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