2 Different MEs

2 Different MEs

My friend commented, “Interesting. I nearly couldn’t recognise the voice, you sound like you’re in a different world and living a whole different life. I almost couldn’t recognise it.” (Sorry Ed, I plagarized it from our email.)

I read through every single entry, wondering if I really sound different from the ME in real life? Then again, is the ME in reality the real ME, or is the blog ME the real one? Confusing issue, when it comes down to one’s own identity.

Well, probably the ME here is twice as insulting and sarcastic as in real life with triple extra dosages of courage to write things I might not have dared to express in front of everyone. Of course I might be sued if I am not careful, but scribbling it out on a computer monitor is much easier than saying it out LOUD and CLEAR. Evidently, I am turning into a computer nerd. After tete-a-tetes with the computer for 9 hours at work everyday, I come home joyfully into its arms. No-lifer, people would have commented.

Or probably, it is just this ME who is living far far away from people I have known for my whole life. And, the different way of living and culture is being reflected in the way that I write (doubtful but still…). Therefore, logically, I should revert back into my old self when I return to Singapore (willingly or reluctantly).

Hey, buddys (or is it buddies?!) do I really sound UN-ME here?

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