The Hamster Escapade Part 3

The Hamster Escapade Part 3

The slimy moron is now back in its prison! Muahahahah….!!!

All it took was a cookie box (Danish Butter cookie, for that matter!), a bowl of food, a stick that was made of little fruits. The cookie box propped up by the fruit stick and the food bowl placed strategically in the middle, that made up the trap. Tired of sitting, waiting, chasing after it the whole night, I decided that, there would be no more hide-and-seek with it. There are tonnes of places to hide in my apartment, and 90% of them are unmovables.

That fateful morning, it had the audacity to run around the room, AND even over my lap under my very nose!!! Pissed, I assembled the trap and left for work.

Later that day, as soon as I stepped into the door, I scrambled into the living room, to check on my ingenious trap! The box was down, the trap had sprung! However, the question was, did I manage to capture it? Circling the box, I cautiously knocked on the top of the box. No squeak, no sound…. Disheartened, oh well, it probably was smart enough to escape from its fate, since it had, still has, such an intelligent owner. I picked up the box, preparing to clear the mess. Lo and behold, it was sitting there, peering at me with its black round eyes. Oops. I have never been faster. I slapped the box right over the same position. Readying its home box (by taping tonnes of paper over the hole, a hundred miles of adhesive tape, and another tonne of paper on the outside of the box), I flipped the cookie box and all its content into the box. Caught but unrepentent, til this night, it is still scrambling around, searching for another nook to escape from.

Due to the superior intelligence of the owner, this episode ended with an amazing speed, with minimal effort!.

~~~ Who me?! My one cent worth of thoughts!! ~~~

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