Shout Outs!

Shout Outs!

Shout outs = Comments!

One last thought before I turn in for the night. Why aren’t there any comments written, ever since I have enthusiastically added in my comments script. The enthusiasm has died down somehow, when night after night, I exuberantly checked my website, just to find the comments box empty. But, then again, if there aren’t any constructive remarks, then it is a better idea to leave it blank. (Take note, Wenjie!) I can only think of the following reasons on why my comments columns are blank :

1. People have not realised that the little blue words ‘shout outs’ = comments. Yes, that is right. That is the link to the comments box!

2. Everyone do not have any constructive comments to make.

3. Nobody ever takes my writings seriously or even read them with a heart. No heart = no comments.

4. I must have twanged up the 688 hit on my page myself, therefore, I am the only one reading my own articles and hence, no comments from anyone else.

5. Busy working schedules have drained all my readers of their brain juices.

6. I am just another link in somebody’s favourites. Sob.

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