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Day: October 4, 2002

Suay! (Bad Luck!)

Suay! (Bad Luck!)

First time in Fuessen, 2 months back : We managed to catch the Hohenschwangau on film, but missed the Neuschwanstein because it started raining, by the time, we sent off for Castle N.

Second time in Fueseen, this morning: The minute I laid my tiny little feet on the Fuessen soil, it started pouring. That didn’t look promising at all. Of course, it lived up to its promise, it poured from the moment I arrived and to the second I left. What a waste of time, I might as well, stay at home and watch vcds for the whole day. Unwilling for the whole trip to go to waste, I bravely went up the mountains. At the bridge, I managed to snap a few shots of Castle N. But, I am not too optimistic with the final products

1. It felt like the whole world was on that bridge, so as you can imagine, there were people jostling me, elephants stomping on the bridge. Not exactly the perfect environment for masterpieces.

2. There was a steady drizzle throughout the whole day, causing a slight mist to rise, fogging up the breathtaking scenery. I wonder if there will be mushrooms growing in my camera after its bath.

3. The skies were a gloomy grey, not an ideal background for any photos, unless you are taking black and white.

The only heartening beauty spots, were the autumn colours of orange and red, dotting the green tops. It is not a full blown autumn yet. However, to a *san gui like me, all the 4 seasons were fantastic. In my homeland, it is summer the whole year round. The Germans went, “Oh wow! You must love your weather! Summer all year round!” You could practically see their drool seep out of their mouths. Maybe it goes by the theory of ” The grass is always greener on the other side.”

Anyway, I have decided to stay at home for the rest of the holiday. It seems that when I coop myself up at home, it is bright and sunny outside and vice versa. I think I must have offended some weather god or goddess. Now what?!