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Day: September 19, 2002

Good Morning Good Morning Good Morning!

Good Morning Good Morning Good Morning!


The morning is not so good afterall. Due to bleary eyes and shivering fingers…. here comes the pointy points…

1. Every morning, I swear to myself, that I will sleep at 10pm that very night, or I will be a $%§%$§%$” (You guess the meaning.)

2. 9.45pm Oooh! Another 15 minutes…. Surf net…

3. Hmm… The computer screen seems to be moving…

4. Looks up at the clock.. Oh damn! Midnight! When did it become midnight! It was just 9.45 a minute ago!

5. Power off, toilet business, brush teeth, wash face, remove my thick spectacles, plomp into bed (oh! I forgot the lights!), look at clock, argh, 1210!

6. Eyes shut, poof!

7. RRRRRIIIIIIINNNNNNNGGGG!!!!!! BBBBBEEEEEPPPPP!!!!! BBBBRRRRRRRRRR!!!!! (The sounds made by 2 alarm clocks, 1 watch, 1 handphone, which includes vibrating).

8. Hhhuuuhhh…. It’s morning already?

9. Brings clock within 1mm of eyes, force them open… OH SHIT! 6.20!! OH no Oh no… They are supposed to ring at 6!!!! Stupid clocks!

10. I swear to myself I will sleep at 10pm tonight or I am a %$%&§%$&§. That reminds me… get another alarm clock.