You and I, different??!

You and I, different??!

My dear friend commented on my style of writing for my emails. I go systematically in point form and followed the order of the paragraphs of the previous mail, so that they referred to each other sequentially. As for her, her thoughts are peppered throughout the whole mail. Looking at her blog (Nana’s Tots), I tend to agree on that, we write differently too. She likes to focus more on personal feelings and emotions, on the other hand, although I do drop a few at times, but mostly, they are about more impersonal stuff.

I am beginning to observe the way my friends pen their emails and letters and am finding some sort of similiarities between the technical and ‘arts’ people. The technical folks write in order, in point form and stuff about the world and opinions, whereas the ‘arts’ kingdom expresses itself with more personal yous and mes.

Well, maybe the training we received in those 10 odd years have finally reconfigured our brains. I am trained in the technical field, but somehow, wistfully, I wish that I am able to express myself better with words and not with numbers and equations. However, in the country where I come from, we are labelled for life for the choices we made when we were 13. Once an engineer, always an engineer. Only a few managed to escape from this stereotyping. You and I, the differences stay with us til the end of our lives.

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