The Tu Xin Cult

The Tu Xin Cult

The Tu Xin Cult

There are many different kinds of religion in the world – Buddhism, Christianity, Catholism, Islam, Hindu etc. However, none of these believers are more devout than the ones from the Tu Xin Cult. This cult is so ultrapowerful, that some of their disciples do not even realise that they are part of it and at times, fervently deny any connections with it.

Some of the symptoms include :

1. Take 1 hour to wake up (calculated from the minute the alarm clock rings) Take note : waking up meaning the opening of the eyes.

2. Take 1 hour to walk from the living room to the main door (usually the distance is less than 50m)‘

3. Take 1 hour to get to the car from the nearby shop. (incurring a fine because of it.)

4. Leaving a place 5 hours later than planned. (The Tu Xins usually have some unfinished last minute stuff or last minute change of plans.)

E.g. Planned time to leave the house 8am. Actual event : slept til 10am. Tried to get out of the house at 11am. Found that the front door was locked by the neighbours staying in the house. The self locking door back to the apartment was locked as well. Stuck at the stairway for 2 hours, before some good soul unlocked the front door for them. How come I have never had such excitement in my life? Sigh.

There are more of these, but I cannot recall them right now . However, worry not, as I will update the list as I go along.

* Tu = Taking your own sweet time, dragging your legs.

Xin = Shen, god.

Tu Xin = Slow poke

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