Depths of Boredom

Depths of Boredom

Picture this scenario :

A pair of cuffs, clasped tightly across his wrists. The cuffs and the chain were brown with rust and stiff with age. The metal rings clinged noisily as he stretched for the computer station. The station stayed just beyond the tips of his fingers, the distance restricted by the chains around the pole. A man in brown robe sat calmly opposite him, The whip cracked and snapped on his arms, at the first touch of the keyboard., Then the chains were shortened, increasing the distance between him and the computer. All around him, other little boys were playing Counterstrike and other network games on the LAN servers. He looked longingly at the people around, as music and dialogues blasted through the speakers. He wept in his hands.

Food and water were brought to him regularly. But, one week later, he was found lying on the floor, still and motionless. BORED TO DEATH!!

Sigh! I see myself in him. I have a great broadband network, a fast computer, and all my work have been finished. But, I can only sit and stare crosseyed at my laptop. BORED TO DEATH.

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