The Exclusive Last-minute Club

The Exclusive Last-minute Club

It is surprising, to see the number of clubs I am in! However, not everyone can join this exclusive club.

1. Study 1/2 year work within the one night before the exams.

2. Tutorials and homework : done on the bus trip to school.

3. Pack the luggage (whether it is for a year or a week) beginning from 10pm before the day of departure.

4. Book accomodation on the previous day of stay (thus risk sleeping on the streets.)

5. Iron clothes one hour before work.

6. Finish up a presentation 2 hours before the actual thing.

Therefore, you have to perform the above feats before you can qualify for entry of this club. I am so proud to announce that I am the chairman of it. Nobody can beat me in my last minute stunts. Life is too boring without the excitement (or stress!) from these activities! I hope my heart doesn’t give up on me after too many a times of last minutes.

I have just finished my last minute presentation this morning. It was really harrowing indeed, I had the fear that this time, I am not going to pull through it. I have had many close encounters during my last minute stints, but so far, I have been truly blessed and lucky and have always struggled through them narrowly and sometimes, the results were rather surprisingly adequate to the point of good! Someone must have been looking out for me up there. Incredible! I have told myself umpteen times after each experience, that I would start way before time, and finish with ample time to relax…. But it never happens. Probably I have been born with this complacency and I am stuck with it for life? Some DNA experiment would probably cure me of this defect. Anyway, I am a person who can work only under stressful conditions. Quite a masochist eh?! I do so love torturing myself!!

They showed me a thumbs up for the presentation this morning. Phew! I wonder when my luck will be running out….. I think I better send some thank you letters to Lady Luck to replenish it. Now, where is the address….

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