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Day: July 17, 2002

Stupid Tech!

Stupid Tech!

I can’t believe this! I wrote a nice, long piece on the cars in different countries. Guess what?! It disappeared while I was trying to post it. I wrote something about the goodness of technology (refer to articles below or in the archive) and now I am going to retract almost everything I said. =p

Stupid thing! I can’t believe it! Give me back my article or you are going to get indigestion! HMPF! Grrr…!! Anyway, I can’t really remember what I wrote exactly, maybe, I will post it again, when it comes to my mind.

This is all for today, my dear fans (as if I have any), as I have neither the mood nor the inspiration to write anymore.

~~~ %&@!!!!#*^E%^%!!! ~~~