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Day: July 10, 2002

Falls or Mountains?

Falls or Mountains?

Niagara Falls, touted as the highest waterfall in the world. Since I was, and still am, in the USA and only 7 hours away (well, not THAT near, I realised later. But that is another story altogether.), I thought, I might as well drop by and take a look. Big Mistake! That was referring to my decision on picking 4th July to catch a sight of the great falls. I saw great floods of people more than any water element.

Well, the Niagara Falls was definitely one of the most majestic waterfall that I have seen in my whole life. But the roar of the water had been drowned by the chattering of the tourists. And it was really hard to appreciate this wonder of nature when you were jostling to catch a view or snap a shot. At night, the waterfall was lit up with a myriad of colours. This only further increased the perception of how man-made the waterfall was.

When I compare the feeling of being on top of the waterfall and standing in the middle of the mountains (and they are not even considered to be the tallest mountains in the world! ) in Nepal, they are 2 totally different set of emotions. The great waterfall didn’t excite me, I just took photographs for the sake of taking them and proving that I have been there. When I was standing in the middle of the snow capped mountains of Anapurna, it struck me that I was so very insignificant, as compared to them. The grandeur, the tranquility and the breathtaking scenery. From where I stood, I could only see the sky, the beautiful sky, set against the white mountains. Well, usually people would describe the sky as the background. But the mountains took up most of the composition of the view that I have seen. Everything was simple in the mountains, but complicated at the falls. THe mountain has been let alone as much as possible, while the falls had been capitalised as well as they could. A town and various tourist traps had sprung up around the falls, destroying the natural beauty of it.

Give me the mountains anytime! Mt Everest base camp in year 2004, is anybody interested?